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Adventures On The Wine Route – Kermit Lynch

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Adventures On The Wine Route – Kermit Lynch

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Kermit Lynch recounts his experiences as a wine merchant on the wine routes through France in the 1980’s. Travelling for several months each year through the back roads of France, tasting and buying but also searching out great wines and talented wine makers. Through his travels he found fresh, delicious wines and recounts the passions, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses of growers and négociants from both chateaux and farmhouses.

‘Nearly all wine books are written by experts whose intention is primarily to inform or to educate. They give little aesthetic pleasure. Kermit Lynch is certainly is certainly an expert, but his book, Adventures on the Wine Route, is also a great pleasure to read. I enjoyed it more than any other wine book I have read’. – Roald Dahl

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